Creating Calm in the Chaos of Clutter

Creating Calm in the Chaos of Clutter

1Rebelbella and her “ Sleeping with the Enemy Home’

There have been many references to this film when people have come looking in my drawers, this is not a euphemism by the way… The issue of my ‘labels faced to the front’ have been the topic of many jokes but, it soon plays its ace when it comes to tidying up as everything has its place and nothing ever gets lost… ok this isn’t strictly true as I can be a little ditzy and have been known to leave keys in the door, phones next to the toilet and bras in the hallway…sometimes after a long drive it’s the first thing I do… random… yep just a bit, but all true. Ok, I’m off on a tangent, back to the present…
Sleeping with the Enemy
…So, as we start the New Year it’s all out with the old. (In with the new if your a sales hunter… but seriously who gets up at 5am to get to the NEXT sale… if that’s you then actually WTF) It’s a topical conversation in most households as we all strive to start the new year off feeling fresh but, In some cases you can be left feeling like you have no idea where to start.

Stress Relieving Organisation

From my perspective when there is too much clutter in the house or when the drawers/wardrobes are a mess I start to feel very anxious and stressed so I tend to try and keep on top of this all year round to maintain my “calm”…. my danger is I shift lots of rubbish to the shed and attic where it can’t be seen…until it came to this christmas and we needed to find stuff… I couldn’t believe how much was in there or how many impulsive “I had to have it” purchases I had made in the 12 months since we moved into our home. Anyway the tangent is creeping back in so i’ll get to my point, I needed organisation, not labelled cardboard boxes but real organisation that was easy to access.
Step 1 – The wardrobe – Often the cause of many 6am tantrums
Storage boxes and folding

Question time…

  • Do you have clothes that no longer fit?
    Clothes that no longer work with your style?
    That must keep grandad short from the 90’s that might come back into fashion still lurking in the back of the wardrobe?
    Does this sound like you – please say i’m not alone here.
    Here comes the detail… feel free to skip if detail ain’t your thing.
    • Firstly, remove every single item from your wardrobe and separate into Bottoms, Tops, Dresses etc
    • Separate again into;
      • Charity shop
      • To Keep
      • To put away
    • Make sure the items that you are keeping still fit you – There is absolutely no point in keeping things hanging in your wardrobe that no longer fit you… keep them yes but don’t have them staring at you from the wardrobe and adding unnecessary pressure to lose those few pounds, sometimes it’s not that easy and your wardrobe should work with you as you are today.
    • For items that you are putting away I found that this method really works for me;
      • Take plastic tubs and label them, Dresses, Trousers and Skirts, Tops, Jackets and Jumpers. Now I know plastic storage goes against the professional de clutterers out there but when inside space is in short supply outside to the garage stuff goes
    • I tend not to seperate by season anymore as believe that summer dresses can be worn in winter, layered with blouses and jumpers, equally jumpers always come handy in summer. If you seperate your items this way, it makes them so much easier to find, but if you do have ‘a lot’ to put away’ you can always split down further


Here comes the fun bit

  • Put everything back in your wardrobe, you have to have an organisation that works for you and again there are guidelines out there but you have to find what works for your lifestyle.  I tend to follow this approach
    • T Shirts – Sorted into colour order (Keep Breton t shirts together)
    • Shirts
    • Blouses
    • Patterned Blouses
    • Soft Knitted Jumpers
    • Trousers
    • Jeans – Keep these in colour order too
    • Dresses
      • Daytime
      • Evening
    • If you have a specific work wardrobe then keep these pieces separate too but I tend to mix and match as I often wear a pair of black trousers I have worn to the office with trainers and a cashmere jumper at the weekend.


Now the final point is if you have a really busy working week, it might be worth considering prepping your outfits on a Sunday, or have a staple pieces that you can throw together on one of those ‘bad outfit days’  my go to is often a dress or trousers and a shirt/knit as they take minimal effort and look classically stylish.

As for my cupboards… well a Dymo label maker, some plastic Tupperware reminiscent of the 1980’s Tupperware parties your mum used to go to (if you know you know) and you’re good to go 🙂  I’m playing it down a little here but if you’re interested to know more drop us a note and we will get right back to you.

Hopefully this has been helpful, but if you have any questions please get in touch, would love to know/ see picture of your decluttering successes or fails 🙂

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