Grab a friend, review your bucket list, grab a piece of paper; start brainstorming the shit out of your idea.

Ok, so maybe it didn’t quite go like this, but let us tell you a tale of how two people with no writing experience wrote a book…a rather magnificent one at that.
It all started on a road trip; it had become a thing for Sam and I to travel everywhere with a note book, “just in case”  we used to say;  some of the ideas we came up with were as random as the gazillion conversations we have shared since first meeting, they consisted of…

T shirt Designers
Open House Workshops
Open a Shop
Interior Supper Club
House Doctors

Slowly but surely we travelled further away from these ideas;  the music drifted from Salt ‘n’ Pepper to “Time to Say Goodbye”…as more of our lovely instagram friends embarked on their journeys and STOLE our ideas. Our bouncebackability characters soon returned; the ‘Eureka’ moment slapped us in the face and the return of non-stop chatters combined with dreams of releasing an award winning book commenced.


Create a vision board. We loved our vision board and using the famous “Simon Sinek’ replicated our very own. We still refer to it now to ensure that we stay on track. We also LOVE a Post-it note.  Then we needed to find our identity.  Were we Keeley and Sam, Sam and Keeley, Bellas on an Adventure, Rebels without a cause, Interior Tribe, House of Amok, Interior Rebels…yeah you can see this bit was pretty exhausting but,  finally after about 50 days Sam hit a home run when she sent the name – 2rebelbellas. We were born.

Post it Note Obsession

Putting pen to paper

Back to our vision board. One of our Post it notes stated “Explain how book works, No uniformity, Rebels”. We have kept true to this all the way. We were told to put the title of the book at the top, we put ours in the middle, introduction at the front, no way, ours went 20 pages in. This wasn’t about going against the ‘norm’ but it was important for us to be ‘us’…it’s all in the name. 2rebelbellas we started and 2rebelbellas we remain.


This evolved over time, we again referred to the vision board (hands up if your getting bored with the re-referencing of the vision board…but it’s true) we set out loosely the genres and went from there. Another road trip another ‘Eureka’ moment and the addition of the colour palette; top tip were added. That was a high five scuba dive moment.

Writing. We were clear this could not contain the interior snobbery that we have ourselves been switched off by, this needed to be written in our style. Humour and love being top of the bill, after all this was our love story.

Mastering the layout

Now this was tricky. What size book did we want, hard, soft (We haven’t switched to boiled egg preferences)  thick, thin, big, small…ok we’ll stop now you get it (we hope).  I think it was about 170 conversations and 77 attempts later and we had it nailed. Simple is simply perfect.

Why did we self publish

Because we are control freaks.  The truth is, we gave this avenue a good go and received some positive feedback, but it wasn’t to be and we then embarked on the journey to self publishing, after all why not, this book had our heart and we HAD to get it out there. We also recognise the risk of out dated imagery, Insta moves so quickly and we had to stay on top of this whilst not compromising on the quality.

Do you want to write a book

Just do it, you will always find reasons not to do something, and at times we found this journey hard, but the truth is we had built a solid friendship that was built on trust and that took us through those difficult times. During the 12 months we experienced, house moves, house renovations, new jobs, family loss, small children, big children (The Husbands) all of which could have stopped us. We love this book, we love the people in it, we enjoyed the giggles and sobs writing it and we were sad when we finished the last one, a little bit of an empty feeling after a 12 month bubble that saw us spending more time together than apart.

Would we write another…in a heartbeat.

We could go on writing forever about this as we have learned so much, so tell us what would you like to know about our journey…the story continues.


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