The Orange Chair Blog – Featuring Helen – The ‘lovely’ Interiors Lady

The Orange Chair Blog – Featuring Helen – The ‘lovely’ Interiors Lady

Welcome to the first of many Orange Chair talks.  When looking at where to start we were in no doubt that our tour needed to start here at the home of Helen aka @theinteriorslady. As soon as we met Helen last year at an Insta Event we were captivated by her warmth and after following her renovation journey we were super excited to step inside and interrogate… we mean question the woman behind this capsule account…


…So, pulling up to a beautiful location somewhere in Nottinghamshire…Sam and I felt a little nervous, armed with a huge orange chair and with a few window glances from the neighbours we were off…

…The door opened and Sam and I nearly knocked over our welcoming host to get inside…yeah folks it’s that good. No photo could ever provide that heart thumping moment you get when you walk into somewhere so spectacular. With clever architectural lines, nods to the period character and fantastic use of space we knew instantly we were in a very special home.  Forgetting why we were there, we quickly started chatting and giddy with excitement we went on a tour…an hour later the real reason we were there the ‘famous orange chair blog’ could finally commence…

…Armed with great coffee we start our talk…


When did you first find your style?

Around 6/7 years ago, I had dipped in and out of trends and was led by magazines and what I thought I liked but, I always reverted back to a monochrome colour palette. Then I suddenly realised how I dressed reflected what floated my boat in interiors. When I go shopping etc, I won’t deviate from it, although people try and introduce colour in what I wear, I genuinely love black and white and the paired back style.


You really get a feel for the capsule wardrobe thread and you feel this sense of style when you walk through the door..

This is my comfort thing, I could take anything from one room and place it in another and it goes, you can reuse accessories and change things up, meaning you don’t have to buy new stuff

“The 2 rebelbellas were loving this idea….”

I feel comfortable now in who I am and what I am, style doesn’t need to cost money, style is a look, a feel, the two merges and whilst I appreciate colour vibes it doesn’t make me want it…

Lots of people follow trends and for some it takes them a while to get there…out of a box room etc so how would you suggest others find their style…

I always recommend, look at magazines, pintrest, platforms, make a physical or virtual board and you will naturally gravitate towards a theme, style, palette, there will be a common thread.  You can see it in their clothes etc., so if someone loves bright pattern, seeing a pink flamingo in a room wouldn’t look out of place

So, is it a good idea to look at your wardrobe to get a feel for the colour palette that you are drawn too?

2rebelbellas breaking news…one of them owns 30 t-shirts…. can you guess which one?

Absolutely, you usually find some commonality between wardrobe and home for example

It was at this point that we went on a real random journey as we came to find that Helen once pinched a pair of socks from Robbie Fowler to keep her feet warm…. Yep 2rebelbellas bring all the exclusives…


Mood board or impulsive purchase?

If I was helping someone else I would always create a mood board as it’s a vision. For me its, impulse purchase…an advantage of a paired back monochrome interior is that I don’t need a mood board, as I know my colour palette and what goes with that

Can you share your pearls of wisdom……where do all the good tradesman hide…? At this point we took a sneaky look round to see if Helen had one locked away somewhere…

I think good tradesman are a thing of rarity and unfortunately some do earn their bad reputations, we had a builder lined up initially for this build and he started and then went AWOL which was a nightmare. Research, Research Research, and go on recommendations where possible and when using a structural engineer (go on their) take onboard their recommendation but push them to make your vision happen

The white paint enigma……send help? TOP TIP ALERT

Well firstly when you buy the big tubs of ‘brilliant white’ paint, they often have blue undertones which make them appear cold, so I always go for chalky warm white, although if you have rooms where lighting is an issue, go for other neutrals, for example skimming stone by F&B. In this house we have used the same white throughout yet it looks completely different in the rooms because of the lighting.

Top Tip Paint A4 swatches and move them around the room to get a feel of how it will look, experiment with different tones.

Top Tip numero 2 – In this house we have used Loft white by little green, but had it mixed with Johnstones trade paint, ultra-flat paint, Johnstones is a trade quality paint, it can be washed and the quality is just amazing! Very durable…you heard it here first!!

So, I think it is safe to say Sam and I are in love and our hearts are definitely smiling, we almost ran in today we were so excited, shoes kicked off, demands of coffee but Helen what makes your heart smile…

Always the simple things, spending time with 2rebelbellas (true story) having a coffee and chat, snuggling in front of the fire, lighting the candles, the basic things in life.

You can feel this the minute you walk in, it’s a beautiful feeling

The house is lived in, it’s a home for family and friends to feel comfortable in, no cushion plumping in sight.

Quick toe bite from the dog that is…Sam hasn’t gone all feral on me, and a coffee break…. we’ll be back…


Part 2 – At this point we realised that we have been gassing for over two hours..:)

Your shots always look effortless…. can you give us your top tips?

There is a lot of love in this room today……shots are mostly well 90% taken with phone, and I think the best tip is to make sure you pop your grid lines on when you take a shot…there is nothing worse than a wonky shot. And also try and recreate ambience, candles, fire, coffee cups etc…for me it’s going back to what Instagram was initially for me and give us those ‘wow’ moments through joy of an image.

Keeping it Insta Real

I like to use stories show the journey especially when renovating, but to me it’ a platform based around images and great captions, and try and to keep the negativity locked away, the biggest fear is that Instagram turns into Facebook, let’s keep it image based and creative and inspire others. Keep the claws away and support each other

Going off tangent again. We have kettle love…. if you haven’t heard of it check out the ‘Stelton” this isn’t an ad, but it’s aesthetically pleasing.

So as part of our Orange Chair talks we will aim to get you an exclusive…we asked Helen to share one with us, one that was ok for public reading.

I got arrested at Donnington park for jumping through the marshalls and snogging Barry Sheene….

Oh, the giggles……

So that’s it our first edition of the Orange Chair tour…. Helen is one of the nicest people we have ever met and to say we leave with hearts full would be an understatement. When the home and personality are completely authentically aligned you can’t help but feel it. We skipped out feeling elated that we managed to get Helen on the orange chair and definitely feeling like we have made a friend for life.

If you want to be in the Orange Chair drop us a line to

Over and Out

Keeley and Sam

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